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You are here on e MyP2P because you want to watch live sports online.  Being able to watch live sports online is not only possible, but many people do it every day.  The key to being able to watch live sports online is that you need to know where to go to watch sports.  e MyP2P will discuss the different places you can go online to watch your favorite teams for free.  We will also discuss some of the video streaming applications that you may need to watch different streams.  This page will be updated frequently because sites are always closing while new sites are always opening.

If you enjoy our site and find it useful we appreciate if you share our site with others by posting a link back to our site.  Now, let’s talk about all the ways you can watch sports online, e MyP2P style:

Sunday Night NFL Football – NBC:


This is a site run by NBC which shows the NFL Sunday Night football game live online for free each and every Sunday.  There are multiple camera angles and features that really makes viewing this game an interactive experience.  The football stream is in high definition quality.

Wiziwig Forums – All Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Cricket & more)


Wiziwig Forums are the largest forums (that we know about) where people share where they are watching live sports online.  The forums have a mixture of people who are the actual streamers and inform people how to access their streams, as well as people who find live streams online and share them with each other.  All major sports are covered in the forums and usually there are multiple links to the same event so if one stream fails then you should be able to access a backup.  With over 1.3 million posts and over 220,000 members this forum is huge, well maintained, and moderated.  If you are looking for a specific sport here are the links to the major sports boards:

NFL Football: http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/32-NFL-CFL-AFL

Soccer:(weekdays) http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/9-Weekdays   (Saturdays) http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/23-Saturday    (Sundays) http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/30-Sunday

NBA Basketball: http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/10-NBA-Basketball

MLB Baseball: http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/22-MLB-Baseball

NHL Hockey: http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/29-NHL-Icehockey

Boxing/Fighting: http://forum.wiziwig.eu/forums/48-Boxing-Fighting

First Row Sports – All Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Cricket & more)


Now we on e MyP2P will talk about First Row Sports.  First Row Sports used to be known as P2P4U.net but moved from the .net domain to a .tv domain and became firstrowsports.tv.  First Row Sports functions as a directory listing, so while Wiziwig is a forum First Row Sports does not have the same interaction, but it still puts together a very impressive list of live streaming sports events online.  If you are looking for a specific sport here are the links to the major sports directories:

NFL Football: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/american-football.html

Soccer: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/football.html

NBA Basketball: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/basketball.html

MLB Baseball: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/baseball.html

NHL Hockey: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/ice-hockey.html

Boxing/Fighting: http://www.firstrowsports.tv/sport/boxing-wwe-ufc.html

ATDHE Net – All Sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Cricket & more)


Atdhe.net was one of the most popular sports streaming links sites on the internet until it got shut down, but not long after it was shut down it popped back up at Atdhenet.tv.  This site is a one page site which lists all the links to live sporting events (and even some television shows) on one page.  On a busy Saturday it can be a very long page but I’d guess that sports fans won’t mind.  ATDHE net was one of the most consistent sites for posting sports links on the internet for the past few years.

ilemi – All Sports (NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Cricket & more)


Here’s another site from e MyP2P that you can find sports links on, ilemi.co.  (make sure you see it is a .co domain and not a .com domain).  This site is set up very similar to FirstRowSports in that it is a directory site with a seperate page for each sport except there is no page for NFL football.  Here are the major sports pages:

Soccer: http://ilemi.co/football.html

NBA Basketball: http://ilemi.co/basketball.html

MLB Baseball: http://ilemi.co/baseball.html

NHL Hockey: http://ilemi.co/hockey.html

Boxing/Fighting: http://ilemi.co/boxing.html

Justin.tv & Ustream.tv – All Sports (NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Cricket & more)



Justin.tv and Ustream.tv are two sites that were very popular a year ago but have cooled off a bit since then.  One of the main features of these sites is that they easily allows members to connect their cable tv connections to the internet and stream what is on their local cable channels.  As a result of ease of use these two places were very popular with people who wanted to share their sports streams with others.  Major sports leagues started to crack down on streams that they said were not allowed to be rebroadcasted by people so nowadays you will not find the quantity of streams that you would find a year ago.  There is also some spam streams up where someone will make it appear they are streaming a live sporting event but when you go to watch the stream it is nothing more then a static picture and some kind of ploy asking you for money or for you to complete  a survey offer.  This being said, there are still some real lives sports streams on these sites still.  College football and college basketball streams have a large following on these sites.


Programs that You May Need:

In order to watch a lot of streams you may need a P2P application, or streaming software.  The good news is that all the software you need to watch different streams are free, online, and available.  Here’s a list of the different softwares you may come across as needing and the places where you can download them for free:

Streamtorrent – http://www.softpedia.com/get/Internet/File-Sharing/Stream-Torrent.shtml  or http://www.streamtorrent.com

Sopcast – http://www.sopcast.com/download/

TV Ants – http://tvants.en.softonic.com/

TVU Player – http://www.tvunetworks.com/downloads/player.html

Veetle – http://veetle.com/index.php/download

And there you have it.  About 20 hours worth of searching, reading, and learning across the internet condensed into one page for your viewing pleasure from e MyP2P.  If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we will try to answer your questions.  Again, if you appreciate this site please link to us and/or like us on Facebook.  Have fun watching the games!